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Healthy Communities

Our mission is to work with the food industry to donate the good edible food that they would normally throw away every day. As well, we are reaching out to communities and people that have fruit trees that go unpicked.

"We will pick up unused food and get it to those most in need."

Food Runners Wanted:
We are currently working with Panera
in San Diego, CA.


If you want to help out (any where in the USA) and become a runner (pick up and deliver), we will set you up with a food establishment and a place in need in your area.

Email Kristi Stone

Donate Unused Fruit
from your Trees!

Do you have fruit trees that don't get picked completely or at all? Would you like a tax deductable write off for donating this fruit.

Our team of voluteers will come to your location, pick it and then distribute it to places in need in your community.

Let us know about your tree(s). We can then call you around the date you say they will have fruit, to see if they are ready for our volunteers to pick for you. Send us a note.

Don't have a tree but love this project?

Don't fret, we can still use volunteers, fruit pickers tools to pick the fruit and baskets to store the fruit. Call me if you have a donation.

We can also use help getting the word out. Here are 2 flyers you can save and print.

Walk about your neighborhood and drop off this flyer to people with fruit in their yard.
Flyer 1

Generic flyer for anyone.
Flyer 2

We and your community
are waiting.

Please email or call me, Kristi Stone if you are interested in getting involved with
these project. I have a strong spam filter so calling is always best.